In the course of history, aesthetics has pulled away from its original function of "Healing", and focusing only on beauty tasks.

Any method, regardless of its invasiveness has been accepted in order to achieve “results” without assessing its temporality nor side effects. In addition, this has lead to loss of observation, intuition and connection, and with it, the relationship with customers becomes increasingly superficial.

Our mission is to recover the human sense of aesthetics.


Our body is deformed by what we eat, about what we think and how we act. All this is reflected in our physical appearance.

This is where Integrative Remedies react. Its therapeutic action takes place in our body, (with high botanical contents for our skin), our functioning and our emotional state.

The emotional state is reflected in the physical appearance:

“When the body stops, the mind is triggered. When the body gets tired, the mind rests”.

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Manicure and foot styling

Classic or long-lasting, includes peeling, massage and hydration, so that it looks flawless at all times. 

Manicure and foot styling